Digital Blue Economy meets Gaia-X

Europe’s oceans are our most vital blue ecosystem that provide food security, employment opportunities, and clean energy. To bring the untapped potential from the sea to the surface a big data project based on Gaia-X has been launched in January 2022: Marispace-X aims to establish a maritime data ecosystem that allows stakeholders from business, science, public authorities and NGOs to securely manage, share and analyze data acquired about and from the ocean based on European standards and values. Use cases include offshore-wind management, biological climate protection and accelerating vital ammunition clearing. It is the largest industry-driven digitization project of its kind and is expected to make a significant contribution to the development of the maritime data economy and value creation in Europe. We, the FDP’s European Group in Brussels, would like to invite you to a discussion forum on “Liberal perspectives on Europe’s Blue Economy” taking place on May 11th 2022 in Brussels and online. The event will be kicked off with keynotes on three perspectives that will synthesize economic, political as well as European standpoints. The keynotes will be followed by an open discussion and Q&A session.

19:00 Opening Frank Hoffmeister, Deputy Chairman, FDP European Group (AGE)

19:10 Keynote: Geodata & transnational cooperation Léa Bodossian, Secretary General and Executive Director EuroGeographics

19:20 Keynote: Maritime digitization - Marispace-X Jann Wendt, Project Coordinator Marispace-X & CEO

19:30 Keynote: Navigating to better ocean protection Catherine Chabaud, MEP Renew Europe Group, Mouvement Démocrate (France) 19:40 Open debate + Q&A